Postal (Correspondence) Coaching

Understanding the need:

Your tight schedules whether scholastic or professional, may not be permitting you to choose a rigid framework of time to be devoted to your passion. In such a scenario, ‘personal coaching’ or even ‘online coaching’ for that matter, may not help because both of them demand a particular time-slot from you and unfortunately, you are not in a position to give justice to it. So, you need the requisite material for learning but without the stringent time frames for the same. This is precisely where; a study tool like ‘Correspondence (Postal) Coaching’ comes to your aid.

How it works:

The Syllabus for a particular course has been classified into different modules. The Course Work Material for each of these Modules will be couriered to you and then it depends on your integrity to study that, on regular basis before the material for next module reaches you. You call us or mail us ’24 x 7’ to get your queries solved. But try to understand that there is no Coach physically present beside you to constantly keep a vigil, as regards to the deadlines for the study of the module. Therefore it all depends on your Sincerity in mastering the said material.

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