Chess for Kids

Why should Kids play Chess ?
  • Strengthens problem solving skills
  • Teaches them how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently
  • Enhances reading, memory, language, and mathematical abilities;
        fostered, critical, creative, and original thinking
  • Provides practice at making accurate and fast decisions under time pressure,     (a skill that can help improve exam scores at school too)
  • Teaches them how to think logically and efficiently, learning to select the     "best" choice from a large number of options
  • Demonstrates the importance of flexible planning, concentration, and the     consequences of decisions

  • Type of Coaching required for Kids

    Introduce the game to them as if its just another form of 'recreation'
    (Kids just Love it)

    Teach them the basic moves and basically some tricks to get them hooked on to the game.

    If all the above is done by a parent or guardian, it's still better for that much sought-after personal touch.

    It is only here that you should make use of professional expertise for coaching your dear one further.

    See to it that your kid is either taught one-to-one or his fellow students are of the same age-group.

    Last but not the least, let your kid blossom naturally !!