About Us

Professional Chess Academy is a customized and specially designed website that will interest people who want to learn the game or improve their game and also plain chess lovers who wish to get updated with all the latest happenings of the chess world.

The Academy is perfectly designed to provide a sound foundation to beginners. Starting from basics, like rules of the game and maneuvers of the different pieces, we go on to train and help beginners get an in-depth knowledge of the game. Apart from this, we also provide adequate training that will help amateurs gradually learn to play the game with skill and tact.

We also offer a separate curriculum for intermediate players like inter-school and inter-college players, who wish to improve and sharpen their game. For such people, we provide an intensive coaching that focuses on specific areas like opening novelties, middle game planning, end game schemes, etc.

A unique service that sets us apart is that unlike other chess academies, we also offer customized coaching modules that focus on specific areas that you wish to be trained on. For e.g. If you are confident about your opening and endgame skills but want special coaching only on the middle game strategies then we shall design a special module for you to cater to such needs.

For those who will not be in a position to avail the Personal Coaching facility, we have installed the ONLINE COACHING MODULE on our Website. The Student and the Coach communicate with each other using Voice over IP technologies and hence, it is like a free phone call to you while we train you, using your computer. All you would need to have is a computer and a DSL/Cable connection. It is just like a Personal One-to-One Coaching Session given to you at a destination of your choice.

Regular tests will also be conducted to appraise your performance and help us understand the areas where you require more focus and practice. At the end of all personal coaching modules, we have also organized special tournaments amongst the students, to evaluate their understanding of the game, which they have assimilated throughout the period of their coaching.

And for all our students and registered members, we shall be sending a monthly newsletter that will inform you of all the latest innovations in opening theory, annotation of any particular game of strategic importance and discussion of end game disputes. Also we shall use this newsletter to intimate you about upcoming courses and services that our academy will be offering soon.

Like a friend we are always there with you at every step you take, to tell you where you are going wrong and to offer ways to correct and improve yourself !!